DiSabatino provides a full range of building services, including construction services, multiple trade services, maintenance services, residential building construction and development operations. Qualified, well-educated personnel provide and manage these services with an unwavering focus on quality and safety.


In the role of Construction Manager, DiSabatino acts as a construction specialist representing the owner to coordinate planning, select and supervise contractors, manage the schedule, and solve problems at a level of involvement that is greater than that of the traditional general contractor.

We offer two types of Construction Management arrangements.

In the “Traditional” Construction Management arrangement, all trade contracts are with DiSabatino as the Construction Management firm. We manage all aspects of the contracts. In this arrangement, we may perform some of the construction trade work if it will benefit the project and is acceptable to the owner.

As an “Agency” Construction Manager, DiSabatino manages the project without issuing the trade contracts or performing any of the actual trade construction work. The trade contracts are directly with the owner.

When clients choose DiSabatino to be Construction Manager of their project, we in effect, become their staff – to protect their interests and take overall responsibility for the project’s success.

DiSabatino’s reputation, experience, and organizational depth ensure:

  • Safe operation
  • Accurate and achievable estimates
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Better quality projects completed on schedule
  • Fast, trouble-free start-up

Compensation for Construction Management services is on a fee basis. This cost should not be viewed as an added expense over and above a traditionally bid project. The fee is typically more than covered by cost reductions resulting directly from the Construction Management process which includes:

  • Constructability improvements
  • Value engineering
  • Elimination of general contractor markup
  • Change order control
  • Start up and commissioning management

More services

General Contractor

We offer customers the option of selecting us as General Contractor in two basic ways:
Lump-Sum Contract and Negotiated Contract

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In a Design/Build arrangement, DiSabatino takes the overall responsibility for both the design and construction in one contract.

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Trade Services

The DiSabatino organization has a diverse and experienced workforce with the ability to execute work in most trade disciplines. Our workers are well-educated and professionally managed.

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For almost a century, the DiSabatino family name has been synonymous with quality and solid traditional values. These values are reflected in the communities and homes we build — our architectural design, the quality of our craftsmanship, and the beautiful community settings.

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DiSabatino provides full-service commercial, industrial and residential real estate development expertise that includes a complete range of professional services for our diverse clientele. This array of services enables DiSabatino to effectively manage the entire real estate process.

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DiSabatino Construction Company, founded in 1981, is anchored by fourth and fifth generation members of the DiSabatino family, premier builders in the Delaware area since the early 1900's.

DiSabatino Construction operates as a Construction Manager, General Contractor, Design/Build Contractor, and Trade Contractor.


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